RAZUMOVSKY Trust / Ensemble / Academy  


Ida Haendel CBE
Sir Sydney and Lady Lipworth
Sir Angus and Lady Stirling
Lord and Lady Woolf

Bernard Asher (Chairman)
Jenny Barraclough OBE
Alannah Dowling
Sara Stewart

Artistic Director
Oleg Kogan

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The Friends of the RAZUMOVSKY
See some photos from the
Launch Party on 5 December 2005
Benefactor Friends

Patricia Morton
Louis and Shirley Shakinovsky

Sponsor Friends

Clifford and Sooozie Gundle
Sir David and Lady Landale
Adam and Nelly Munthe
William and Gigi Salomon
Lifetime Friends

Bernard Asher
David Cole
David and Pat Long
Morton and Cecilia Neal


Founding Friends
Rupert and Alexandra Asquith
Rolleen Barclay
Michael Barraclough
Mr and Mrs Robert Boas
Euan and Jane Cameron
Tim Capon
Julia Chappell
Simon and Lucy Carter
Mr and Mrs Giles Coode-Adams
Camilla Cottrell
Ingela Evans
Anthony and Jenny Isaacs
Sarah Ittmann
Henry and Mary James
Princess Esra Jah
Mr & Mrs Richard Jewkes
Frances and Jeffrey Jowell
Lesley Katavich
Ruth and Peter Kraus
Lady Lloyd
Kate Mallinckrodt
David Meller
Lady Mary Mumford
Hershel and Peggy Post
John Raisman
John Riley
Jim and Patricia Rothman
Olga Selivanova & William Shoff
Richard Sennett & Saskia Sassen
Mark Sheldon
Michael Solomon
John Spearman
Sir Angus Stirling
Mr and Mrs David Suratgar
David and Patience Thomson
Mr and Mrs Andrew Williams
Simon Woodroffe
Lord and Lady Woolf

Diana and Nicholas Baring
Christopher and Lorna Bown
Sherban Cantacuzino
Francis Carnwarth
Mr & Mrs Giuseppe Ciucci
Mrs Oliver Coleman
Mrs Neil Collins
Lady Copisarow
Mrs Andrew Crashaw
Ian and Morny Hay Davison
Peter Feldschreiber
Adam and Poppet Fergusson
Dr Ken Gray
Felicity Guinness
Mr and Mrs Rupert Hughes
Peter and Liz Huhne
Sir Raymond and Lady Johnstone
Robert and Nicola McFarland
Christopher and Janey McLaren
John and Jane Malarkey
Dr and Mrs Christopher Mallinson
Mrs Madeleine Melling and Mr David Barker
Mrs George Nissen
Dr Peter Payne
Francesca Radcliffe
Bruce and Hilda Rice
Pearce and Beaujolais Rood
Mr and Mrs Rowe
Marie Lyse Ruhemann
Mrs Gordon Simpson
Carolyn Sumberg
John Sutcliffe
Andrew and Emma Sutcliffe
Philip and Rosemary Swatman
Janie Szpiro
Clare Wagg
Mary and Martin Wells
Tim and Pam Williams
Jean Woodley